Q&A with a Sex Worker

I don’t need to tell you about the stigmas surrounding sex work, the stigmas which largely exist because we don’t often get to hear from sex workers themselves. So, I’ve spoken to one young woman who works various jobs in the sex work industry to find out all about her experience.

What type of sex work do you do?

I am a Domme (I keep men as subs/pay pigs), I escort (full service), I’m a sugar baby, I run an Only Fans, and occasionally strip. 

Do you enjoy the sex work that you do?

Overall yes. I really enjoy sex work. 

What made you want to get into sex work?

I have always wanted to work in the industry since I was in secondary school. At first, I wanted to be a porn star. Once I turned 18 I became a sugar baby and an escort. I also enjoyed the fact that I was my own boss and had control over when and who I worked with. The financial benefits were also a big factor as everything I do for sex work now I was essentially doing before I started just for free (crazy right haha) so I decided my time and effort was worth money. 

What are some of the positives?

Definitely the freedom to work when you want and with who you want. It makes dealing with difficult people slightly more optional. You still get a lot of time wasters and idiots but you can, for the most part, decide if you want to interact with them or not. Also, I have gained useful connections with clients in different industries through sex work, even as far as CEO’s of large companies. 

What are some of the negatives?

People’s etiquette when it comes to talking to sex workers, for sure. Too many people will assume that I am their free personal porn star just because they know me and I’m a sex worker. Too many people do not respect the fact that SEX WORK IS WORK and try to cheat us and use us for free benefits. My time is not free regardless of who you are, sex work is my business and should be respected as such. Other negatives include very little regulation due to the criminalisation and discrimination of sex workers. Without any kind of regulations, we are left to fend for ourselves so you have to do your own screening of clients and will often deal with entitled, time-wasting, and occasionally dangerous clients. 

How will Instagram’s updated Terms & Conditions affect your work?

This news has really shaken the sex work community as these T&Cs are a way to stamp out sex workers’ online presence which is key to our business – advertising, promotions, etc. There is also the fear that other platforms will follow suit and erase sex workers from their sites. A lot of people fail to realise that these are jobs at stake. The same way the public would be outraged if they took away a bunch of retail workers’ jobs for no apparent reason is the same way we should be outraged that sex workers may be about to go through something similar. These are people’s livelihoods, it’s not all fun and games. 

Do you feel safe?

For the most part, no. Every time I meet a client, especially for the first time, I am very nervous that our meet could go horribly wrong. Working independently of an agency is tough in that respect. Also with Only Fans, there have been instances of strangers doxing content creators and stalking them, etc. I am always fearful of things like that but I take as many precautions as possible to keep myself safe. 

How do you prevent your content from being leaked on Only Fans, Twitter, Snapchat?

There isn’t really any way to surely prevent it but watermarking all your content definitely helps. It tends to put people off stealing your content as they won’t be able to pass as you. Since the last leak, Only Fans have updated their conditions stating they will take legal action against anyone who leaks content creator’s content though. So far I have seen minor snippets of my content on other porn sites but nothing too bad to warrant me being concerned. 

Is there anything that you want people to know when considering going into sex work?

If you are thinking about joining Only Fans, you need to think long and hard about whether you will be okay if your content ever got leaked. At the end of the day, it’s still a possibility. So never put out content outside your comfort zone. Also, sex work doesn’t have to be full-on nudity and full service. There are many other forms that let you keep your clothes on and your contact with clients minimal, for example, during my Domme sessions I don’t get naked or let my subs touch me. Choose the type that works for you and never let anyone bully you into doing more than you are comfortable with, no amount of money is worth it and it is always your choice. Also, know your worth, you will get clients willing to pay huge amounts for a service some other person was complaining about being too expensive. Clients will come with the audacity so you should too! Don’t sell yourself short. 

Anything else to add?

If anyone does want to contact me with any questions about sex work, feel free to ask via Big Clit Energy. She can ask me and I can answer via her 🙂

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